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Special Inspection

GMU’s special inspection team has the resources to staff all projects with experienced, certified, and professional personnel. Most of GMU’s technicians are cross-trained and certified as both special inspectors and geotechnical engineering technicians. By having cross-trained and multi-certified inspectors, as well not imposing a “4-hour minimum” policy, as is typical in the industry, GMU can provide your project with cost-effective services most other firms cannot provide.


  • Reinforced Concrete

  • Post-Tensioned Concrete

  • Structural Masonry

  • Structural Steel Welding

  • Structural Bolting

  • Spray Applied Fireproofing

  • Shear Wall/Panel Inspections

  • Tie-Backs/Soil Nails

  • DSA Title 24 Masonry

  • Materials Testing

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