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Blast and Construction Vibration Consulting and Monitoring Services

GMU has been performing blast and construction vibration consulting and monitoring services for over 50 years throughout Southern and Northern California. Our engineering geologists, Bob Mutchnick and Katie Farrington, head up our blast/vibration consulting team and have over

45 years’ of experience between them.  Our blast consulting/monitoring services are provided to support blasting projects related to residential and commercial developments, reservoirs, pipelines, roadways, tunnels, dams, and quarries.  Our vibration consulting/monitoring services are provided during construction activities, including pile driving, sheet pile installation, demolition, drilling of shoring and foundation caisson/piles, and grading operations.


  • Prepare or assist with development of blasting specifications/plans

  • Review blasting specifications/plans

  • Prepare the blasting section for EIR or project overview

  • Perform Signature Blast Analysis

  • Provide consultation including:

    • 3rd party review of blasting plans and specifications for lead agencies

    • Meeting with representatives of lead agencies and/or community groups to discuss the proposed blasting operations and their impact on adjacent improvements

    • Responding to blasting comments by governing agencies and/or community groups


  • Prepare vibration monitoring plans including:

    • Placement and number of seismographs needed for the project

    • Establishing a recommended safe maximum level of vibration

    • Criteria for responding to complaints

    • Perform pre-construction surveys to document existing site conditions

  • Monitor vibration produced during construction activities utilizing portable seismographs

  • Provide analysis of the vibration data collected

  • Provide consultation including:

    • Meeting with representatives of lead agencies and/or community groups to discuss construction vibration and its impact on nearby improvements

    • Responding to vibration complaints

  • Prepare post-construction surveys

  • Prepare a summary report at project completion presenting the results of the vibration monitoring and our conclusions as to the likelihood of damage resulting from construction vibration

  • Provide expert testimony in the event of a vibration damage claim arising from construction activity

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