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Geotechnical Instrumentation

GMU has offered comprehensive geotechnical instrumentation services on projects throughout Southern California for over two decades. These projects range from monitoring major landslides, MSE walls, foundations, deep fills, shoring systems/excavations, and embankments. GMU designs, installs, and manages geotechnical instruments and their databases. GMU has become known for the successful design and implementation of in-field sensors read manually to the monitoring of complex projects in real-time.  Our designs have helped our clients make informed decisions, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

GMU designs, installs, and monitors instrumentation devices for vertical and horizontal movements, groundwater, and pressure, as well as vibration and sound.  In addition, GMU provides video camera documentation of subdrains and backdrains placed during grading, is able to locate shallow utility lines and pavement thicknesses via its ground penetrating radar (GPR) system, and can perform detailed manometer surveys at a detail that can be used to compare movements over time.


  • Instrumentation

    • Vertical and Horizontal Movements

      • Slope inclinometers

      • Extensometers

        • Rod extensometer

        • Borros anchors

        • Sondex

      • Surface settlement monuments and deep settlement plates

      • Utility point markers

      • Tiltmeters

      • Strain gauges

      • Crack gauges

    • Groundwater

      • Standpipe monitoring wells

      • Pneumatic and vibrating wire piezometers

    • Pressure Cells

      • Vibrating wire

      • Pneumatic tactile sensors

    • Vibration and Sound

      • 4 channel portable seismographs with sound monitoring

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