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Who We Are

Multi-disciplined Consulting Firm

Comprehensive Principal Involvement

Over 50 Years of Service

Over 5000 Regional Successes

GMU Geotechnical Engineering Southern California logo

GMU has evolved from a small geotechnical firm in 1967 into a multi-disciplined engineering and geologic consulting firm providing geotechnical, pavement, structural, and civil engineering services as well as construction management and other related services throughout California and the southwestern United States.

GMU has built a reputation as a trusted engineering and geologic consultant and has worked on some of the most challenging and recognizable construction projects throughout Southern California. GMU also provides a full range of soils and special inspection services as well as soils, rock, and materials testing in its regionally known on-site laboratory. GMU's diverse team of experienced professionals collaborate to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to satisfy our clients' needs and budgets and, along with its ability to provide a wide range of related services, is able to provide engineering insight and tools to solve problems that other similar consulting firms cannot

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The GMU Difference

GMU Geotechnical Engineering partnership with development companies


GMU's staff is committed to identifying problems before they arise and alerting team members early in the process.


This results in cost savings and helps keep projects on schedule.

GMU Geotechnical Engineering regional services provided for Southern California


GMU prides itself on its innovative approach to projects.

We endeavor to engineer every project to an optimal level of performance.

GMU Geotechnical Engineering special instrumentation services


Our professional team combines the fields of geotechnical, structural, and traditional civil engineering services to offer a unique blend of services.

GMU Geotechnical Engineering Principal Involvement


Since its inception, GMU has maintained a company culture which involves a principal in every project we do.


This ensures that senior level input is provided in each and every project.

GMU Difference
GMU Geotechnical Engineering Southern California logo


Client history and retention attest to GMU’s commitment to service excellence. Our 50 years of service excellence have been recognized by over 50 awards and special recognitions while providing on-time/on-budget performance.


GMU understands that the true success of any project is measured by client satisfaction. These awards serve as a testimony of GMU’s ability to meet the efficiency and functionality our clients expect and deserve.

GMU Geotechnical Engineering Southern California logo


GMU has been committed to a core set of values since 1967. And while our name has morphed over the years to reflect our growing expertise and changing leadership, we have never lost sight of our commitment to providing proactive services, implementing innovative solutions, and putting the needs of our clients first.

Today, our dedication to providing high quality, efficient, and sustainable services started by Jack Goffman and John McCormick continues on with the new leadership. This is our on-going commitment to you.



  • We began as Evans, Goffman & McCormick, focusing on geotechnical engineering and construction vibration and blast consulting.


  • Gary Urban joins the firm and becomes a partner in 1993. The company's name is changed to Goffman, McCormick & Urban.

  • The firm begins to focus its practice on large master-planned communities.


  • With the retirement of Jack Goffman and John McCormick, Gary Urban becomes President. Greg Silver joins the firm as a principal and Vice President.



  • With the purchase of Lejman Geotechnical, the firm changes its name to GMU Geotechnical, Inc. and adds a third principal, Mike Moscrop.



  • Aron Taylor is added as a principal after 10 years with the company.


  • GMU adds Dr. Ali Bastani as the Director of Geotechnical Engineering to expand its expertise in complex geotechnical design methods and numerical modeling.


  • GMU adds Roger Schlierkamp as Director of Pavement Engineering to expand its pavement services division.


  • Gary Urban retires, and Greg Silver is appointed President/CEO. Aron Taylor and Mike Moscrop are appointed Vice Presidents.


  • Matt Farrington assumes a leadership role for GMU’s growing structural engineering division.

  • Roger Schlierkamp is appointed a principal as GMU's pavement engineering division continues to grow.


  • GMU expands its municipal services division and appoints Lisa Bates as Director of Geotechnical Municipal Services.

  • Long-term GMU senior staff members Bob Mutchnick and Dave Atkinson continue to consult with the company after partial retirement.

  • GMU moves its headquarters to 30336 Esperanza in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Although anchored in Orange County, GMU’s project experience and expertise extends to all areas of Southern California — from San Diego to the Inland Empire to Santa Barbara. Outside the region we have projects extending from the Bay Area and Sacramento to Nevada and Utah. This experience has allowed us to gain the regional knowledge and expertise needed to hit the ground running without costly learning curves.


GMU Geotechnical Engineering Southern California logo
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