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Construction Management
and Monitoring

GMU provides comprehensive Construction Management Advisor (CMA) Services for geotechnical, geo-structural (soil nail walls, slope tie-backs, MSE walls), and pavement projects. Services include schedule and invoice review, RFI response and tracking, change order evaluation and tracking, and client contact interface. Supplementing our CMA services, GMU has been providing comprehensive Construction Monitoring Services such as: Pre-construction Surveys, Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring, Construction Vibration Monitoring, Blast Monitoring, and Stormwater Monitoring.


In addition to pre-construction surveys, comprehensive geotechnical instrumentation installation and monitoring capabilities, construction vibration, and sound monitoring, GMU also offers comprehensive stormwater services and construction blast consulting services.




  • Soils/Materials Laboratory Testing

  • Soils Inspection

  • Professional Grading Support

  • Special Inspection

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