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The Transformative Journey of Friendly Village: A Collaborative Effort

Nestled within the 55th Way Landfill, formerly the Paramount Dump, lies the Friendly Village project—an ongoing endeavor that exemplifies collaboration and perseverance.

Rob Tweidt of Northstar assumes the pivotal role of overall project manager for Friendly Village, steering the project's direction and overseeing its various aspects. As the lead environmental consultant, his expertise and leadership ensure a comprehensive and well-coordinated approach to the project.

Friendly Village's journey traces back to its origins as part of the Paramount Dump, which operated from 1942 to 1948 and was later transformed into a mobile home park by 1976. Over time, settlement issues arose, affecting site drainage and creating challenges for infrastructure stability.

In response to these challenges, GMU conducted a thorough geotechnical investigation in 2021. Working closely with Rob Tweidt and the project team, our objective was to assess site conditions, analyze existing data, predict future settlement, and provide essential geotechnical design parameters.

Collaboration was vital as we supported Rob Tweidt and Northstar in designing and implementing a Vapor Extraction and Treatment System (VETS) at the site’s southeast corner. Our role extended to structural design for the VETS slab and foundation and diligent construction observation and testing to ensure quality and compliance.

Additionally, GMU contributed to enhancing site drainage through a road grading plan that improved accessibility and mitigated drainage issues.

Friendly Village stands today as a testament to the collective efforts of all involved. Rob Tweidt’s leadership steered the project toward success, and it showcases the power of collaboration, strategic engineering solutions, and a shared commitment to environmental sustainability.

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