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Existing Paving Section Recycling for New Base Section - Los Angeles County

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Pavement engineering and construction is much more complicated that it appears. One of the methods used to improve an existing paved roadway is to use the existing pavement section, which is efficient and environmentally conscious. As shown in this image, existing aggregate base and subgrade materials are processed by the reclaimer to create a cement-stabilized pulverized base (“CSPB”) section prior to the construction of the overlying recycled asphalt concrete and new “AC” section. Significant savings are often realized when re-using in-place materials, on the order of 20 to 40% in many cases. This can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings!

For more information on our pavement services, visit our Pavement Engineering page here, or contact our Director of Pavement Services, Mr. Roger Schlierkamp.


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