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Perimeter Road Repair, R-6 Reservoir


GMU proudly received the Roadway & Highway Project of the Year Award for our exceptional work at El Toro Water District's R-6 Reservoir in Mission Viejo, California. Our role in providing pavement engineering and construction materials testing services was instrumental in the project's success.

The project focused on repairing the perimeter road surrounding the R-6 Reservoir, which had significantly deteriorated over time. GMU implemented a value-engineered structural section, utilizing asphalt concrete over a cement-stabilized pulverized base layer made from on-site materials.

This innovative approach addressed the site's challenging wet and soft subgrade conditions and contributed to significant construction savings. GMU's commitment to excellence and expertise in pavement engineering ensured a durable and cost-effective solution for the El Toro Water District, making this project deserving of the Roadway & Highway Project of the Year Award.


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