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Cielo Vista Bridge – Gibby Bridge

Cielo Vista Bridge – Yorba Linda

GMU has been the geotechnical engineer on various bridges through Orange County over the last several decades. Check out two that are wrapping up!

GMU provided geotechnical design, observation, testing, and Special Inspection services for this new bridge, which spans a Metropolitan Water District easement to serve a new 74-lot residential community in Orange County.

Gibby Bridge – RMV

The construction of Gibby Bridge is nearing completion! This bridge replaces an older Arizona crossing and restores flow through San Juan Creek. GMU has provided all of this project's geotechnical design and construction support services, including special inspection and materials testing. 

We're grateful to work alongside a great team: 

Rancho Mission Viejo, Fountainhead, S.P. Rados, Turnpoint Geomatics

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