Greg Silver

  • Greg Silver M.Sc., PE, GE


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    • M.S., Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering) – California State University, Long Beach
    • B.A., Geological sciences (Geophysics) – University of California, Santa Barbara

    Greg is responsible for the direction of the company as well as overseeing the majority of the firm’s day-to-day operations.

    Greg’s experience in the industry includes working with small to large builders/developers and landowners, contractors, and attorneys, as well as various cities throughout Southern California on some of the most challenging geotechnical projects in Southern California.

    He has extensive experience in landslide evaluation and remediation design, geotechnical instrumentation, residential and commercial development, public works projects, municipality consultation, retaining wall systems, and forensic projects.

    Selected types of projects representative of Mr. Silver’s experience are listed below:

    • Landslides
    • Residential Development Projects/Master Planned Communities
    • Commercial Development Projects
    • High-rise Structures
    • Major Roadways
    • Bridges
    • Water Resource Projects
    • Miscellaneous Public Works Projects
    • Government/Civic Centers
    • Sportsparks
    • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls
    • Soil Nail Walls
    • Geotechnical Instrumentation

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