Ali Zalghout

  • Ali Zalghout M.Sc., PE

    Staff Engineer

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    M.S. Civil Engineering (Pavement/Materials Engineering), Arizona State University, Tempe
    B.E. Civil Engineering, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

    Ali has over 3 years of experience in pavement materials research. His areas of expertise include pavement design, management, and evaluation, advanced characterization of asphalt concrete, asphalt sustainability, asphalt reclaiming and recycling, long-term pavement performance prediction, and fiber-reinforced asphalt mixtures. His current work includes performing pavement evaluations, developing cost-effective pavement repair recommendations, performing pavement mix designs, and performing observation services of pavement-focused construction projects. He is currently working on projects for a number of local agencies, private sector clients, civil engineering firms, paving contractors, and pavement material producers. He has published more than 10 journal articles and conference proceedings in the top pavement engineering journals and conferences.

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